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4 Ways PR Can Help A Brand During COVID-19

No doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about an economic crisis. One that involves companies taking a closer look into their financial books, cutting costs and generally trying to keep their heads above water. In all of these, brands still need their PR agencies in their corner and here are valuable ways a PR agency can help in these COVID-19 times.

#1: To Keep Communication Smooth

Public relations is the link between a brand and its publics and now is not the time to sever that link. PR can offer advice to brand managers on how to present an orderly front to their brands’ publics. Strategic communication is needed at all times and PR is your one-stop shop to achieve such during this pandemic.

#2: To Help Publish Content

Usage of social media platforms have significantly increased, as users continue to seek relevant information. If your brand has a PR agency handling their social media platforms, this is a win for them because PR will effectively create relevant content, publish and engage your target audience.

#3: To Be Proactive

In as much as brands are feeling the heat brought on by this pandemic, they should not forget that their publics are also in the same situation. PR agencies can expertly advise their brands on how to act and reassure their publics in this time of uncertainty.

#4: To Help Organise Virtual Events

With events, conferences and seminars being cancelled, all hope is not lost as a PR agency can help organize events, even online.

A great agency can help your brand strategically organize, promote and drive traffic to your virtual events and even record such events for future use!

Having your audience and the general public tune in to your events live is a smart way to remain relevant and connected to them.

As a brand, you need your PR agency now more than ever to help you get through this pandemic and beyond.

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