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Components of Public Relations

The Public Relations profession is like the human body with different parts. It is these components that we shall discuss today and how they come together to form public relations. In no particular order, here are some of the elements of public relations.

Components of Public Relations - Mediacraft Nigeria
Components of Public Relations – Mediacraft Associates

Components of Public Relations 1: Research

In public relations, research is important. When a client sends a brief about what they want, sometimes it is detailed and other times it is sketchy. This is when research comes in. The first activity in the public relations plan is research. It involves gathering data, extracting information and getting insights.

Through research, we are able to gather information about the ‘publics’ we are trying to reach. With such understanding, we come up with strategies and key messages on how to influence and persuade them.

Components of Public Relations 2: Media Relations

Public relations is a two-way communication street connecting the organizations to their publics. To achieve this, it enlists the help of the mass media. Through the various channels of the media (radio, television, newspapers) the right publicity is generated and the message passed to the target audience. As a public relations practitioner, you could choose to do disseminate information via press releases, organizing a press conference or any other appropriate methods deemed fit. Let us not forget that to get to the target audience, research may first need to be conducted, to find out the various platforms on which they can be reached.

Components of Public Relations 3: Event Management

To understand this better, we shall make use of an example. Let us say an organization is about to kickstart a new campaign. To ensure this goal is achieved, the expertise of a public relations agency will be required in the following ways: The first being media coverage. To achieve this, we liaise with the media on how the events should be covered, and in what media.  Also, we provide the media outfits with news-worthy details about the event.

Similarly, certain arrangements like venue, event decoration style (seminar, formal dinner, conference settings), good public address system, proper documentation of attendees and order of event program can be handled by the public relations firm. Trust me, a glitch in the public address system, for example, can hamper the smooth running of an event and as an organization, you would not want that.

Components of Public Relations 4: Crisis Management

Crisis is any event that is likely to lead to an unstable situation, affecting an individual, group or organization. This time of difficulty is one that an organization cannot escape and when it occurs, public relations is there to help. In terms of public concerns, the role of public relations is to identify and address such concerns so that they do not affect the reputation of the organization. Depending on the issue, public relations adopts a strategic approach to ensure that crisis is mitigated and stakeholders’ relations is well managed.

Other components of public relations include reputation management, stakeholders’ relationship management, Digital Public Relations and brand and marketing communications.

At Mediacraft Associates, we take a unique approach to providing bespoke communication solutions and that is why our results are evident, measurable and consistent for all our clients.


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