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Diamond Bank Introduces Magic Cash

Diamond Bank is set to excite its customers with Magic Cash, another value-added service that will give accountholders access to its Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

Magic Cash works with the mobile phone; it is a no-cheque, no-withdrawal slip and no-debit card financial transaction that gives customers easy access to draw cash from any of the bank’s ATMs anytime. It relieves customers the burden and frustration associated with the sudden loss or misplacement of the debit card and gives seamless access to their respective accounts to pay bills, make withdrawals and transfers.

Speaking on the new service, Ayona Trimnell, Divisional Head, Corporate Communications stated that the introduction of Magic Cash will revolutionize financial transactions in Diamond Bank and the financial industry generally, as the unique service removes the burden, frustration and hassle that customers go through when they are in dire need of cash to meet emergencies but could not lay their hands on their debit cards or any of the instruments that would give them access to their funds.

“With Magic Cash, you have unhindered access to draw cash from your account or other transactions. We are pleased to introduce this revolutionary service in Diamond Bank.”

Speaking further, she stated that with the introduction of this innovative solution to the Nigerian banking space, Diamond Bank once again demonstrates its commitment to be at the forefront in offering technological solutions that make banking an exciting, convenient and secure experience for customers.

According to her, all that a customer need to do to access cash is to “send ATM to 30811 from the registered mobile phone number in any of the mobile networks that is maintained on the account and the transaction magic code will be generated for seamless access to any of the ATMs in the country”.

The Bank earlier in the year, introduced the Touch ID Feature on its Diamond Mobile App, a fingerprint reader that allows users of the Mobile App an easy and seamless login to their accounts by simply recognizing and identifying their individual fingerprints.  With these technological innovations, Diamond Bank has consolidated its position as the most innovative Bank that is progressively changing the face of banking in Nigeria with best-in-class customer-focused solutions.