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Legend Promo Winners Thrilled By Unique Dubai Experience

On Monday, April 28, the first set of consumers that emerged winners in Legend Extra Stout’s on-going national consumer promo were flown to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on a shopping trip. While in Dubai, they shopped for gift items worth N1 million in one of Dubai’s biggest malls. They were also taken on a tour of some interesting sites in the city. Specifically, they went on a Desert Safari where they enjoyed exhilarating jeep rides and an exciting Falcon display, anchored by an experienced bird trainer.

They then capped off a sensational evening with an exotic three course Arabian dinner; while a belly dancer was on hand to entertain the guests with scintillating dance steps. The following day, the consumers undertook the unique shopping experience. Within 60 seconds, they raced through some sections of the shopping mall, picking the range of items they could lay their hands on.

Ernest Favour Nzelu, one of the shoppers, described the experience as wonderful. He also expressed satisfaction with the goods that he picked during his minute-long shopping exercise.

Ernest said: “I’m more than satisfied with the items I was able to pick during the 60 seconds. I didn’t even dream of coming to Dubai, talk less of shopping for these expensive items. In short, I really appreciate Legend Extra Stout. I don’t know how to express the joy that Legend Extra Stout has brought into our lives.”

Ernest who owns a bar in Abuja said he has also used the opportunity to explore business potentials in Dubai.

He noted: “I’m a businessman who has been planning to explore the business potentials in Dubai. But I’m grateful that Legend Extra Stout made that dream come true. I now know a few places I can visit whenever I find myself in Dubai. For me, it’s like killing two birds with one stone.”

He also advised young adult Nigerians thinking of perpetuating criminal acts to participate in the Legend Real Deal promo instead.

He said: “For people that may be thinking of plotting criminal activities as a means of getting rich, I urge them to participate in the Legend Extra Stout national consumer promotion because we all know an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. If they try their luck and they win, it will serve as a good example for those that may want to plan evil things, that the opportunity will come someday for them to excel. I can say those of us that have had this opportunity through Legend Extra Stout’s Real Deal promo, will not be thinking about perpetuating any criminal activity because our lives have been transformed; and anywhere we are, we will never forget this trip. We will even tell their children about it.”

Sadiku Kazeem Gbenga, a furniture maker, also dreamt of travelling to Dubai – a dream that Legend Extra Stout has helped him fulfil.

Another winner, Aliuhuo Vivian Chinasa, was also full of kind words for Legend Extra Stout. The shop attendant never thought she would ever find herself in Dubai. Even though the shoppers had the potential of shopping for a million naira, Chinasa said she would have been satisfied with N100,000 worth of gift items. Chinasa surpassed her expectations, but she said she’ll sell some of the goods.

Friday Okonofua Peter prayed that he would be among the people that would go to Dubai this year after witnessing last year’s edition. Luckily, this prayer was answered. He thanked Legend Extra Stout for the experience of flying by air and acquiring an international passport for the first time in his life.

Yohanna Bishara from Sokoto State also flew in a plane for the first time and is grateful to the stout brand for the experience. Kazeem Sadiku Gbenga, a graduate, was exhilarated at the Dubai experience and expressed satisfaction with the items he picked. Kazeem said he still has not made up his mind on what to do with his largesse.

Nwala Simon initially doubted that the promo was real, even after voluntarily participating by sending in his crown cork codes. Simon said: “Initially, I thought it was not real, but now I’m clear. I’m very happy, I am very grateful that I’m here, participating in this promo and getting these things. If another Legend Extra Stout promo comes up, I’ll try my best to see if I can come again. I appreciate it. I love it.”

Femi Atanda Ishola, a 34-year old furniture designer referred to his stay in Dubai as the experience of a lifetime. According to him: “I felt happy when I learnt that I would be coming to Dubai for the opportunity to shop. In fact, Legend is really trying. I enjoyed myself, I visited various places and I ate whatever I liked. I was also able to pick a lot of things when I shopped and I will make use of them in my home.”

To qualify for the raffle draw, consumers are to purchase Legend Extra Stout, text their names, area and the code under the crown cork to 31077. In addition, Legend Extra Stout is also giving out instant airtime worth N300 million. Consumers are to check under the crown cork and text the code to 31077, in order to receive N200 worth of airtime.

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