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Policeman, Mechanic, Plumber, Others, Benefit From Legend’s Largesse As Dubai Promo Ends

The 2014 edition Legend Extra Stout National Consumer Promo has officially ended with the return of the last set of lucky consumers from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This was in fulfilment of the brand’s promise to take lucky consumers to shop for gift items worth N1 million in one of the biggest shopping malls in Dubai.

The third set of lucky Legend Extra Stout consumers left the shores of Nigeria on Monday, July 7 and returned on Thursday, July 10.

They are Nengak Zunji, a Police Corporal, Samuel Ogbonna Chidera, an auto mechanic, Abdulkareem Dantata, a plumber and Peter Dike, a trader. Others are Oriladewo Adeleke Adejuwon, a ticketing agent, Okafor Ugochukwu, a student, Chikezie Bethel Nwankwo and Prince Peter Onyeali, both businessmen.

While in Dubai, they also went on a Desert Safari and toured selected sites.

The trip was particularly memorable for Zunji, Chidera and Dantata, as they flew on planes for the first time in their lives.

Zunji described the experience as fantastic. He said: “The Legend Real Deal promo is real. This is my first time of travelling in a plane and also out of Nigeria. When I received the call that I had won, I thought it was a fraud. It was when they called me the second time that I believed that this was real. When I told my fellow policemen that I won N1 million to shop in Dubai, they did not believe me. It was when I was sent money to procure my international passport that they started believing that it was real. There was jubilation in the barracks on the day I was departing. My fellow policemen prayed for me.”

Zunji has ascribed to himself the role of Legend Extra Stout brand ambassador and said he would take it upon himself to explain to everybody he meets that the Legend Real Deal NCP is real.

Chidera, an auto mechanic based in Aba, would have been satisfied with winning airtime. When he sent the code inscribed under his crown cork to the designated short code, he expected a text message crediting his phone with N200. Instead, he received a phone call congratulating him on his emergence as one of the lucky consumers who would embark on an all-expense paid trip to Dubai. He described his Dubai sojourn as exciting and wonderful.

Dantata, a plumber, learnt about the Legend Extra Stout National Consumer Promo through fliers. He explained: “Initially when I was called as one of the lucky winners, I was shocked. I initially doubted the promo. It was after I entered a plane for the first time in my life that I believed.  I really enjoyed my stay in Dubai. It was as if I should not return.”

Adejuwon was also initially sceptical after he received a call that he was one of the winners of the trip to Dubai. He remarked that Legend’s trip to Dubai was marvellous. He noted: “It’s been a very good experience. There are a lot of companies that don’t fulfil their promo, but Legend has fulfilled its promise.”

Dike was at a market when he was told over the phone that he was one of the lucky winners. According to him: “When I received the news, I started shouting and people around wondered what was going on.  When I informed them about the call, they told me that I should be very careful. But I told them I’m aware of the promo and I participated voluntarily. This is my first time of travelling outside Nigeria and the first time I got an international passport. I’ve been having a wonderful experience in Dubai. I’m working on coming back to Dubai this year again to see more of it.”

Okafor described his experience as exciting, having nursed the ambition to travel to Dubai. Incidentally, his very close friend, Anthony Okafor, also emerged as one of the lucky winners picked at the second Legend raffle draws held at the Bush House Arena, Enugu. Anthony travelled with the second batch of winners.

Nwajo urged Nigerians to be part of the promo whenever the brand decides to reward loyal consumers. The Aba based businessman said: “The Legend Dubai promo is real. Whenever something like this is going on, Nigerians should be a part of it. I’m a winner, I can testify to it. As you can see, I am in Dubai shopping for gift items.”

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