PROJECT:        #BlackRealvolution & Legend NCP 2014

The Brief: Legend Extra Stout, a brand of stout from the stables of Nigerian Breweries Plc., desired to re-launch the new Legend re-packaged with attractive but premium visual features (Stanoil and metalized labels) into the market in order to increase its share of stout segment of the alcoholic beverage market and connect better with target consumers.

The re- launch event also served as a platform to announce the 2014 edition of Legend National Consumer Promo (NCP).

The Task: Nigerian Breweries Plc., challenged Mediacraft to come up with a PR campaign plan that would achieve the following:

Generate a nationwide buzz around the new look Legend Extra Stout

Increase participation in and create top of mind awareness (TOMA) for the National Consumer Promo (NCP)

Reassure consumers that Legend still retains its unique bitter taste

Insight: Through thorough research, Mediacraft profiled the target consumers of Legend as upwardly mobile males and females within the age group 18 – 40 years who are digitally savvy and who appreciate visual effects.

Strategy:      Mediacraft Associates responded by developing a phased but compelling Social and Traditional media strategies for the two-pronged campaign namely #BlackRealvolution (The Re-launch Event), and Real Deal Promo Season 3.

Execution: The execution was carried out in three phases of Pre-event, Event and Post-event on both traditional and online media. All tactical events were developed from the deep insights generated about the target audience.

Pre-Event activities featured drip-fed information to the target audience via varied media – both traditional and online platforms. Daily media tracking were deployed and a microsite was created for the #BlackRealvolution with an SMS blast deployed to encourage target audience to register on the site. Conversations were engendered around the theme ‘Real’ to create and sustain the buzz for the Re-launch event.

Adopting the use of Hash Tags on all social media (e.g. #BlackRealvolution, #RealReward and #RealDubaishopping) the themes ‘Reward’ and ‘Shopping’ trended while the Real Deal Promo lasted.

Evaluation:  Both the #BlackRealvolution (Re-launch) and the Real Deal Promo (NCP) were widely reported both on the National Newspapers and Online News Blogs throughout the duration of the campaigns

The two-pronged campaigns also generated massive online engagements with consumers on the different social media platforms.

Both campaigns generated over 135 mentions (news & photos) in the National Newspapers.

Legend Extra Stout Re-launch

June 20, 2015


Nigerian Breweries Plc


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