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No organisation with media presence can truly be devoid of crisis. Such crisis could result from an unpredictable event or an unforeseeable consequence of an event that had been considered a potential risk.

For us at Mediacraft Associates, we don’t wait for a crisis to happen before we prepare for it; we are literally ‘battle-ready’ for a crisis. As PR consultants, we help organisations prevent or limit the damage a crisis can inflict on the brand and or its stakeholders.

We do this by forecasting possible scenarios and designing response plans for a wide range of potential issues germane to various industries/clients. We prepare our clients to face unexpected developments and adverse conditions in the organisation with determination. This helps brands stay a step ahead of issues.

Simple things like training employees on what not to say, do, or tweet can prevent a crisis.

We understand the industry, communicate effectively, and have effective crisis management prevention and response tactics already in place. We help our clients adjust well to the sudden changes in the organisation, understand the early signs of crises, causes of crises and how to cope and respond effectively to changes in the organisation’s culture.



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