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Truecaller, Truemessenger Add New Cool Features

As part of their commitment to making life easier and mobile communication better and smarter, Truesoftware, owners of the Truecaller, Truedialler and Truemessenger mobile apps has announced the incorporation of new cool features into their mobile apps.

According to Alan Mamedi, co-founder and CEO of Truesoftware, the Truemessenger which was launched globally on August 15, 2015, has been updated with an ‘Undo’ feature that enables users to undo sent messages. What this means is that users can now retract awkward or mistaken text messages from being delivered at the discretion of the sender.

Mamedi said, “Everyone has experienced a texting mistake, or even been victim to auto-correct. Being able to undo messages has been available in email and social media, which makes it relevant in today’s way of communicating. In Truemessenger, you can easily identify who you are texting with, so of course it is important to cover all aspects of communication by adding an undo send option for your texts. Therefore, we have made it possible to take back that last message before it has had time to send”.

emoji-undoIn addition to the ‘Undo’ feature, lots of Emojis have been incorporated to improve the text messaging experience. Truemessenger users can now add smileys while drafting their text messages with the addition of Emojis

Mamedi further disclosed that, in addition to identifying the caller and blocking unwanted calls, users of Truecaller app can now get to know the mobile operator and which part of the world or city their callers are calling from in order to save talking minutes.

Mamedi said, “In many countries, it is important economically to know which operator friends and family are using in order to save on precious talking minutes. That is why we have made it possible for Truecaller users to see operating details on incoming and searches within Truecaller to show not just who is calling but also where in the world he/she is calling from”.

He stressed that while the new feature will not show the exact location of the live call, Truesoftware has improved its location data of what city the number originates from to ensure a more accurate location on incoming calls and number search.

“In fact, we even show SIM location information for some numbers where we don’t have a name match”, Mamedi added.

500 copyTruecaller fans can also benefit from different themes to match the rest of their phone apps as the app now supports an elegant dark theme for the Caller ID and also the After Call screen.

Also added as a special bonus feature, is the Truedialer/Truecaller improved bond. This means that the two apps now work more seamlessly together to create the ultimate blocking bond! Once you block a number in Truedialer, the number is automatically blocked by your Truecaller.

Truemessenger is aimed to create a seamless way to communicate with friends via texting, identifying newcomers to your inbox, and auto-filtering / blocking annoying spam messages.

These new updates can be found on the Google Play store, or by downloading Truecaller, Truedialler and Truemessenger apps from the Truecaller website.

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