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5 Common Entanglements In A PR Agency

5 Common Entanglements In A PR Agency




  • cause to become twisted together with or caught in.

More often than not, we find ourselves caught up in some activities at work that decreases our level of productivity. These activities, which can also be described as ‘entanglements’ are most times difficult to break free from. Some of these entanglements may be necessary, but others should be clearly avoided. While these are common in the workplace, people working from home are also likely to experience some of them, if not all.

Below are five common entanglements in a PR agency.

#1: Lengthy Meetings

Meetings cannot be ruled out in the daily routine of anyone working in a PR agency but one thing meetings are notorious for, is that they can be time consuming. Getting interrupted from one’s work to sit in a meeting that lasts one hour or more is likely to have an impact on one’s work. This is because many people after coming out from a meeting find it difficult to return to the previous level of concentration that they were at before, and this can be frustrating.

Having meetings with  clear-cut agendas and pre-determined time limits, is one way to ensure employees do not spend too much productive time away from their work.

#2: ‘Gisting’

Co-workers conversations, or ‘gisting’, is one form of entanglement that is common in the workplace. It is not wrong or out of place to have conversations with colleagues in the workplace but spending too much time swapping stories and talking about the latest movie series is a sure way to lose focus at work.

Engaging in lengthy chit-chat when there is a pile of work to do is clearly unprofessional and employees should learn to, not only set boundaries, but limit time spent on such conversations.

#3: Social Media

Except you are a social media executive, getting caught up on social media during work hours is a big ‘no’.

Have you noticed that anytime you pick up your phone to respond to a ‘few’ messages on WhatsApp, you end up visiting other social media platforms and spending more hours on your favourite social media app? We can agree that many of us cannot do without our mobile phones but if at all we want to take a break from work to go on social media, we should do so moderately and responsibly.

#4: Unread Emails

Of a fact, emails are going to be sent, whether at work or outside work, but having 140 unread emails in your inbox is quite over the top, don’t you think?

In a scenario where one wants to reference a particular email in the future you might find the task tiring and frustrating as they are too many unread emails to sort through.

#5: Watching Movies

This particular entanglement applies both to those at work and those working from home.

For those at work, the pattern is to have a movie or series playing on a minimised screen on their laptop while attempting to work. However, people working from home do not have to pretend. They start with doing a bit of work and after a while, decide to ‘reward’ themselves by watching a movie. Most times, they do not watch just one movie, but even end up binge-watching movies and carrying over their work into another day.

Common work-place entanglements such as lengthy meetings, co-workers’ chit chat, watching movies and spending long hours on social media are not limited only to the PR space, and may not necessarily be eliminated by employers and supervisors putting in place drastic measures.

However, encouraging accountability, moderation and personal responsibility will probably go a long way to help.

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