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6 Ways To Deal With Post-Election Anxiety

Elections are a time of high emotions and popularised opinions. While some people feel elated and triumphant after their preferred candidate’s victory, others experience loss and disappointment. The latter group may experience what is known as post-election anxiety, which can manifest in various ways, including depression, grief, anger, and despair.

If you are struggling to deal with post-election anxiety, here are a few tips to help you cope:

  1. Acknowledge your feelings

This is the first step to dealing with post-election anxiety. Feeling upset or anxious after the election is expected, especially if your preferred candidate did not win. But don’t try to suppress or ignore your feelings. Instead, allow yourself to feel whatever emotions that come up. Healthily expressing your feelings, like talking to a friend or writing down your thoughts, can help you process them and move forward.

  1. Limit your intake of every piece of information about the elections

One of the primary triggers of post-election anxiety is the constant barrage of fake news and social media updates. While it is essential to stay informed, obsessively checking and believing every piece of information about the election can worsen stress and anxiety. Limit your exposure to unverified news, especially on social media, if you become upset by what you read. Consider setting a specific time of day for checking credible sources for news updates and avoid checking it outside those times.

  1. Avoid political arguments

Political arguments can heighten post-election anxiety, often involving heated emotions and differing opinions. Avoiding political views is one way to manage your anxiety and prevent unnecessary stress. If you find yourself in a conversation that escalates into an argument, excuse yourself from it or direct it in a less contentious direction.

  1. Focus on what you can control

Feeling helpless and powerless after the election is easy if your  preferred candidate has lost. However, focusing on what you can control can help you feel more empowered and less anxious. Whether starting a new hobby or doing something creative, engage with activities that bring you joy and relaxation.

  1. Connect with loved ones

Sharing your thoughts and feelings with others can be a helpful way to ease tension. Talk to friends, family members, or colleagues about your feelings. If you’re feeling particularly anxious, consider contacting a mental health professional. They can provide the necessary tools and support to manage your anxiety.

  1. Move on

Moving on is an essential step in coping with post-election anxiety. While feeling disappointed or aggrieved about the election results is expected, holding onto those emotions can significantly affect your mental health. Learn to move on, and remember that there are better days ahead. As long as there is life, there is hope.

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