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That’s a question without a simple yes or no answer. Creativity cannot be taught directly, but it’s what you can get better at by frequently aligning the circumstances of life to foster the greatest chances for true creative expression. Creativity is not like a lightning strike, but more like something which manifests itself inside those who learn to foster it and create the right conditions for it to prosper.

Creativity isn’t a big deal. It’s like our breath. It’s just a part of who we are. Some of us don’t realize this. People who say, “Oh, I’m not creative,” or “I don’t have a creative bone in my body,” sound to me like they’re trying to convince themselves of something, rather than telling themselves the truth. They make the idea of creativity a BIG DEAL because then it will stay safely at arm’s length out of reach and require nothing of them.

Building up Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is the ability to let your mind create thoughts that are often different and unusual. Creative thinking evolves around the idea of thinking beyond the scope of the norm. It is all about being able to think outside the box and be original in your thought process.

Creative thinking is something you can train your mind to do. Some people are actually born with creative thinking abilities, while others have to really work to let themselves be a creative thinker. However, it is possible for anyone to become a great creative thinker whether they were naturally born (a bi-ni-bi as the Yoruba’s will call it) or they have to work at it. You hold the key to adopting creative thinking in your life and by doing so; you could change your life, your thoughts and your world, forever.

Develop a thought-experiment process: It is basically a way to allow your mind to go places you might not normally let it go. It allows you to use all aspects of your thinking ability. It is simply rooted in your mind. It allows you to explore the world around you. It’s not physical and therefore do not have to be plausible. It involves visualization. Visualization is merely forming an imagination in your mind or following through actions in your mind through picturing them.

Develop deep thought evoking questions that you want to find the answers: These questions can be questions that can be answered or rhetorical questions.They can even be universal questions to which the definitive answer could neverbe determined.

Think about great geniuses. Imagine you sitting down and having a deep conversation with this genius. Imagine what you would ask and how they would answer.

Imagine traveling in time or to another dimension.Imagine what it is like. How does it look? What are the people like? Are there even people? Create every aspect of life.

Learn to use breathing to relax. By being able to regulate your breathing and focus deeply on it, you can clear your mind and allow creative thoughts to flow more freely.

Practice visualizing things.If you have problems with visualization, then start out small with visualizing simple things in your head and then moving onto things that are more complex.

Gather information on things you are interested. This will help give you something to think about. You can think about how to build upon what already exists and how your creative thinking can change it or make it better.

Find a friend to brainstorm with.Getting someone else in on your creative thinking means you can work together. Having someone else’s perspective on things can really get the creative juices flowing.

Try thinking as if you are someone else.Sometimes we get stuck in our own mindset. Creative thinking is about going beyond our comfort zone and thinking outside the box, so pretend you are someone else and think how he or she would think.

Challenge your brain often.Give your brain a workout by doing puzzles and trying new things. This will expose you to different ideas and you can add that to your mind bank of ideas.

Titi Osafile is the Head,Creative/Production Services at Mediacraft Associates

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