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Crown Flour Mill Ltd reiterates commitment to food security on World Whole Grain Day

As the global community celebrates the World Whole Grain Day on November 19, Crown Flour Mill Ltd has reiterated its unrelenting commitment to national food security through consistent focus on food safety, innovation and cost efficiencies especially along its wheat-milling value-chain.

The company which produces a wide range of quality flour, pasta noodles, biscuits, semolina and confectionery from wheat, has made a major investment in milling plants and technical innovations across its subsidiaries. Crown Flour Mill’s product range comprises Mama Gold Flour, Crown Premium Pasta, Crown Pasta, Supreme Semolina and Crown Tuwovita.

Ashish Pande, Managing Director, Crown Flour Mill Ltd said that the company is focused on meeting the Nigerian consumers’ yearning for consistent access to quality, healthy and affordable food staples. He said: “Based on a deep understanding of the Nigerian consumers, our food brands are produced under the highest safety standards; and we have developed a robust distribution and redistribution network that are tailored to the market landscape. These efforts ensure that our portfolio of wheat-based products such as flour used at bakeries and confectioneries; and packaged pasta and noodle brands which are consumed frequently in Nigerian households, are made available across retail shops and marketplaces across Nigeria.”

The Crown Flour Mill Ltd Managing Director further reiterated the company’s commitment to quality food standards and production models that add nutritional value to the consumers and economic benefits to the nation.  Pande further stated: “With our major investments in modern milling plants we have been able to develop an efficient milling process. The investment in our production process is a further demonstration of our focus on food safety, consumer nutritional health and cost efficiencies.”

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