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Stunning PR Job Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

PR Job Interview

The interview process can be challenging when landing a public relations (PR) job. PR job interviews can be notoriously tricky, with interviewers asking questions requiring industry-specific knowledge and excellent communication skills. This article explores insider tips and tricks from three of our newest recruits on how they nailed their interview and got their jobs at Mediacraft Associates. Whether you are just starting your career in PR or looking to make a new move, this article will help you prepare for your next PR job interview and impress your interviewer with your knowledge and expertise.

1. What do you think is expected of you for this role, and how do you intend to carry out your tasks?”

PR Job Interview

Before attending the interview, it is essential to study the job description ahead of time and understand the expected duties. In my case, I listed a few tasks and mentioned that I would need to liaise with various people in the workspace to carry out my functions, highlighting my interpersonal skills effectively.

When answering this question, it is crucial to emphasise the hard skills listed in the job description. While including some soft skills like communication and organisation is okay, your response should primarily focus on the job’s required qualifications and responsibilities. This way, you can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise and align your answer with the interviewer’s expectations.

Oluwatosin Ajayi, Admin Executive, Mediacraft Associates.

2. We have met the professional side of you, so please, let’s meet you outside your work life. Who is Melony?

PR Job Interview

When faced with this question, I saw it as an opportunity to showcase my personality and interests.

I shared my educational journey and discussed causes that I’m passionate about, along with my thoughts on life and work. I emphasised that a functional team is crucial to driving productivity in the workplace, and while it may not necessarily be a family, a beautiful blend of friendships can develop over time.

It’s important to remember that while the interview is a formal assessment of your suitability for the job, your interaction with your potential employer also feeds into their overall impression of you. Therefore, you must present yourself as an excellent candidate professionally and personally. To do this, discuss your experiences working in a fast-paced PR environment and emphasise your communication skills by delivering your answers enthusiastically, confidently, and comprehensively. Keep your responses concise and to the point to ensure that your message is clear and well-crafted.

Melony Ishola, Account Manager (Client Service), Mediacraft Associates.

3. “You are creative, right? Create a copy here and now. Use anything you see around here.”

PR Job Interview

This question was very striking. I noticed my interviewers eating biscuits and drinking coffee, which gave me an idea.

I responded, “I see tea, but I don’t see bread.” I told the five of them, “You are the B.R.E.A.D!” I continued telling them how I might eat them because I was hungry. Although this response may have seemed unconventional, it showcased my ability to think on my feet and develop unique ideas, which is an essential skill in the PR industry.

To prepare for such questions, highlight any creative projects you have worked on, such as social media campaigns or events, and be ready to discuss how you came up with and executed the idea. Expect the interviewer to ask behavioural questions that require specific examples of how you have demonstrated the skills they seek.

Remember, PR is all about finding new and innovative ways to communicate a message, so use this opportunity to showcase your creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Nwamaka Onyekachi, Senior Executive (Digital/IMC), Mediacraft Associates.

About Mediacraft Associates

Mediacraft is a leading one-stop shop for PR and Integrated Brand Communication consultancy firm that helps businesses build their brand and reputation through effective communication strategies.

As the exclusive Nigeria affiliate of Fleishman Hillard Global PR Network, the organisation stays in tune with global trends to deliver optimal and relevant client services. For two decades, they have worked on over 1000 completed projects with over 50 clients, both locally and internationally.

Putting their creativity to work in telling Clients’ stories, they turn campaigns into experiences, businesses into brands and customers into fans.

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