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Verve Good Life Promo: Rewarding Loyalty

This year has been a rollercoaster for Nigerians. The year was full of promise in January, then the economy suffered a twin misfortune of falling oil price and the novel coronavirus pandemic, which forced a complete lock down of economic and social activities for months. As lock down was eased and the economy struggled to rally, another shock, in the form of protests, struck. 

Not surprisingly, the country has slipped into its second recession in five years. The National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, showed that GDP in Q2 and Q3 were negative.  The hardship on the populace has been tangible. Inflation continues to erode people’s purchasing power while unemployment remains high.  

As Nigerians come to terms with the economic realities, there are fewer and fewer reasons to improve the standard of living. The government is doing everything within its capacity to get the country out of recession. Government announced it plans to create more jobs, invest heavily in infrastructures such as roads, rails, and bridges, and provide grants for the vulnerable in the society, among many other measures it is putting in place. However, financial experts have called on brands to exploit opportunities to bring succour to the common man.  

The private sector picked up the challenge and has continued to pitch in to help reduce the economic burden on Nigerians. Organisations have instituted different schemes to help put money in people’s pockets, particularly as the festive season draws closer. Brands have been rewarding loyalty by giving back to customers through promos.

Brands in telecommunications, entertainment, fintech, among others, have various reward scheme currently running. Verve International, for instance, has shown determination to put smiles on people’s faces this season through its ‘Good Life’ promo. The Verve ‘Good Life’ promo was launched in September to reward new and existing customers.

According to Verve, it is deeply concerned about the adverse challenges that most Nigerians are currently facing, and it is committed to providing support by rewarding loyalty to the brand. With the Verve ‘Good Life’ promo, Verve is reassuring its cardholders that it understands their peculiarity and is responsive enough to help lessen their struggles. Since the unveiling of the promo, several cardholders nationwide have won different monetary prizes and airtime from the over N27 million prize pot.

Blessing Eneyi Eje, a beneficiary of the promo, expressed her profound gratitude to the organizers of the promo. She said she was overwhelmed with joy when she learnt that she won N10,000 cash prize in the weekly raffle draw. She stated that she used her Verve card more than eight times a week.  According to her, she intends to use the money to buy foodstuff. She said, “I was very excited when I was called that I won the money and I will use it to buy some foodstuff.” Another cardholder, Mr Ngwu Kingsley expressed his delight for winning the N10, 000 cash prize in the weekly raffle draws. He said he used his Verve card as often as four times in a week.

Some other lucky Verve customers have also won N50,000 in the monthly draws as well as various gift items. Still to come is the grand prize of N1 million. Verve International has fixed 19th December 2020 for the ceremony to present the grand prize to winners. Two lucky cardholders will each win the grand prize of N1 million.

Cherry Eromosele, the Group Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Interswitch Group, said since the launch of the Verve ‘Good Life’ promo, the company has stayed true to its words by consistently rewarding loyal cardholders across the country.

“We have shown exemplary leadership by walking the talk with the Verve ‘Good Life’ promo. Since the launch of the promo, we have consistently rewarded our loyal customers with cash prizes and airtime,” Eromosele said.

Verve has assured those yet to participate in the promo that there is still an opportunity to win the grand prize. To qualify for the grand prize, cardholders are expected to transact at least 36 times across POS terminals, ATMs, web, and agent banking centres.

For the weekly categories, new and existing cardholders are required to transact with their Verve cards for as many as three times in a week. For the monthly wins, cardholders need to use their cards 12 times to transfer funds, pay bills, recharge airtime, withdraw cash, checkout at stores, etc.

While the economic reality of so many Nigerians are laced with challenges, the Verve Good Life promo will no doubt give its cardholders a pleasant end to the year. The promo is Verve’s gift to discerning customers, to show that it cares and that it is always thinking of ways to put a smile on their faces, especially at such a time as this, when every naira counts.

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