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COVID-19: How Brands Should Communicate During A Pandemic

Amidst the shutdown, panic and anxiety associated with COVID-19, brands still need to continue to engage with their publics.

However, this will not be an easy task to keep up with if certain measures are not put in place.

Here is a list of 5 ways in which brands can communicate better with their publics during a crisis:

#1: Be Sympathetic

In uncertain times like this, your publics need you to show concern and empathy. They yearn for assurance and thoughtfulness on your part.

Knowing this, brands can craft a message which states that they are aware of what is happening and offer useful tips on how to better manage such situations. These messages can they be posted on social media or other platforms where their audience can be reached.

#2: Take Charge in Your Communications

With the advent of the internet and social media, rumours, speculations and harmful information are quick to go viral.

It is imperative that brands take the lead in announcing changes in their services or any other things around their businesses.

This way, your publics do not go hunting for information from unverified sources, and they are able to ignore such news when they come across it online.

Also, put in place proactive measures to appropriately inform your employees and publics as and when due.

#3: Be Humane

Brands have to be sensitive in their responses or actions in times of distress. They can offer relief to their customers depending on the kind of services they offer.

Such relief could come in forms of reduced service charge, halting or extending loan payment or offering free delivery on items purchased. In doing this, the brands show that they care, which endears them more to their publics.

#4: Make Donations If You Can

If your brand is in a position to help, then it should.

Money, food, medical supplies, services and time are some of the things a brand can donate to support the welfare of her publics when need be.

By donating or offering selfless services, you cleverly communicate the message that you care about your community. In addition, other brands will be motivated to do more when they see the philanthropic steps you have taken.

#5: Review Your Content

There is a risk of damaging your brand if a message comes off as insensitive or seeks to

capitalise on a tragedy.  To avoid this, take a look at previously planned contents. Identify

messages that can still be communicated and put on hold, contents that do not resonate with

current situations.

As a brand, you may not be able to control the current crisis but having a flexible contingency plan, taking charge of outgoing communications and showing empathy are some of the ways your brand can respond to it.

As part of our COVID – 19 Management effort and in a bid to help contain the spread of the virus, all our staff have been working remotely during this time. We are still servicing our clients and providing quality PR, crisis management, digital and more.

If you need any of our services, just send us an email via or call us: +2348033010074 or +23412933205-6, and we will surely get back to you.


  • Excellent post, I cannot agree more! I find point #5 – Review Your Content especially important at this time. Previously defined content should be re-validated to ensure that are still relevant and appropriate. The times have indeed changed and we have already entered into a new paradigm. Hopefully organizations can get ahead of the change and manage it to get good results.

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