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4 Tips To Stay Healthy In The Workplace

The COVID-inspired lockdown has been lifted somewhat, but that does not mean that the Coronavirus is gone. Knowing this, and coupled with the increasing cases in Lagos State, the governor has come up with some new measures. One of such measures includes a maximum of 60% staff on ground at their workplace, while others are to work from home.

As part of the 60% that will have to go to the workplace for a few hours in a day, there are certain tips one should know, to continue to stay healthy in the office. And here are four of them.

#1: Clean And Sanitise The Workspace

The need for a hygienic environment is one that cannot be over emphasized in this period.  Apart from the usual office cleaning, surfaces and workstations should be thoroughly sprayed with disinfectant.

When using a disinfectant, it is important to use one with at least 70% alcohol content, so that it is effective in killing all surface micro-organisms.

#2: Wash Hands Frequently

Handwashing is a habit that should be imbibed by everyone during this pandemic and beyond.

In most buildings, a wash basin with running water have been constructed outside so that staff have to wash their hands before entering. For buildings without such features, staff have to remember to wash their hands when they go inside. To ensure frequent handwashing is carried out, make a mental note to wash your hands before you settle to work.

Also, set a periodic alarm to remind you to wash your hands.

#3: Make Coronavirus Supplies Available

Coronavirus supplies such as tissues, hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes, hand soaps and thermometer, etc. should not be scarce in the workplace. As a matter of fact, some of these supplies should be kept at designated areas and made easily accessible.

Remember, a healthy workforce is a productive one.

#4: Have More Virtual Meetings

One thing the lockdown taught many of us is that most physical meetings can now actually be held online.

Now that the lockdown has been lifted, the culture of having virtual meetings should not be swept aside. This is because teleconferencing helps us to maintain a reasonable level of social distancing, and should be considered, instead of rushing off to attend a physical meeting with a client.

In conclusion, the goal during this pandemic should be to stay safe and avoid putting yourself and others at risk. If possible, work from home as much as you can.

If you are to come to the office, ensure you are hygienic, wash your hands regularly, maintain social distancing, wear a face mask and drink plenty of water.

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