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“I Thank Nigerian Breweries for choosing our community for Gulder Ultimate Search” – Igwe Of Aguleri

The joy of His Royal Highness, Eze Christopher Idigo IV, the Ogalagidi and Igwe of Aguleri, knows no bounds. This is because Nigeria’s popular reality TV show, The Gulder Ultimate Search, has chosen the Aguleri Forest in Anambra as the location where young Nigerians will search for this year’s hidden treasure.  The traditional ruler spoke on what the Gulder Ultimate Search team should expect. Excerpts

Question: Your Highness, kindly tell us a bit about yourself?

Answer: My name is Eze Christopher Nwabunwanne Idigo, Ogalagidi and the Igwe of Aguleri Kingdom. I’m the fourth in the Idigo royal dynasty; I’m an Engineer by profession.

Your Highness, have you heard of Gulder Ultimate Search before today?

Of course I have not only heard about it, I have also watched a few episodes of past editions. So I have a good idea of what the programme entails. I particularly liked the way Bob-Manuel Udokwu and Chidi Mokeme handled the past editions they anchored. Remember I told your people I’m a ‘digital Igwe’, I’m in touch with current trends (general laughter).

So, your Highness how do you feel about the same show being hosted in your kingdom?

To say I feel happy will be a bit of an understatement. I’m joyful and delighted. Gulder Ultimate Search coming to Aguleri is not by accident. God has promised us this year that Aguleri will rise to its rightful place in Anambra. It may also interest you to know that the new Governor of Anambra State, Willy Obiano, who was sworn in this year, is our son. I’m also delighted that the show is about empowering the youths, because the youths are the catalysts for advancing any society. So we welcome it and I also thank Nigerian Breweries for this initiative through which they plough back to society.

Your Highness, what should the crew members and contestants expect as they come to Aguleri for the GUS?

We can assure you of a peaceful environment where they can do their work without disturbance. Our people do not resent visitors. As a matter of fact we are accommodating to a fault. They should expect our support and cooperation in any way they might require it. My palace will remain accessible to them if need be. We will ensure that some of our people are always around you to guide you properly on where to go and where not to go; what to do and what not to do. In any case we will make our people aware of their presence and mission. So there is nothing to fear; as a matter of fact they will so enjoy our hospitality that they will come back next year for the next edition.

Your Highness, do you have expectations as GUS comes to your domain?

Definitely! Our people say that the hands only get cleaned when the two hands wash each other. So since Aguleri is the host community for this edition, the theme should read ‘The Search for Eri (general laughter)’. That’s just by the way. First I expect that some of our youths who are interested will take advantage of the opportunity of the show and participate in the search. I understand Awka is one of the locations for the screening exercise and I think that’s close enough to us. I also expect that the show will attract more people to Aguleri because I know it is usually beamed both on local and satellite TV stations; that means putting Aguleri in global spotlight for a good reason.

Your final words for Nigerian Breweries, your Highness

Once again I thank Nigerian Breweries Plc. for choosing our community to host their popular TV show. I must say that we feel honoured. I would like to invite them to be a part of our annual Ofala Festival. Our Ofala Festival comes up every first Saturday of the year and it usually attracts people from both within and outside Nigeria.

Thank you, your Highness

The pleasure is mine.

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