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My 9 to 5 in Mediacraft

Your Name: Seun Igbalode

Designation/Title: Account Director

In 140 characters, what does your job entail? Direct supervision of Nigerian Breweries Group account. I constantly interface with the Client and I interpret the elements of the brief into a plan and both parties jointly agree on the mode and timing of executing the elements of the brief. (And lots more which can’t be explained in 140 characters)

What’s the busiest time of your work day and what makes it so? I don’t have a rigid work schedule, so I really don’t have a busiest work time. (But when the CEO and the brand team are on my a*# and want execution like yesterday; then I am really really really really busy!!!

What are your top two sources of news & how often do you check them? Twitter & FaceBook. I don?t check too often. (CEO may read this blog)

Which social platform are you on and which do you use often? Twitter & FaceBook. I use FaceBook often. (For official duties, in case CEO reads further)

What do you like best about your job? VIP tickets to top notch events, mingling with celebs and CEOs; free food & drinks etc

How do you think PR trends in your region differ from other regions? There is still the notion that Media Relations makes up PR, but that is far from it. Media Relations is just a sub-set of PR. PR is seen as the small fry in the Marketing Communications mix when compared to other elements such as Advertising and Experiential Marketing. Yet, PR is an effective business development tool which has the highest credibility factor because it is not paid for.

What’s one thing you wish you knew when you first began your career? I wish I had negotiated a higher salary package. Lol!

What’s your favourite part of the Mediacraft culture? The emphasis on training. (My 2nd facvourite part is when I annoy colleagues. Lol!)

Do you feel your work in PR makes an impact and how do you think it’ll impact tomorrow? A company of which I am part of the PR team broke booze record sales in 2012. The booze outsold every other booze brand. Picture this company’s turnover. I think my PR work on this brand made an impact. The only way my work can become more impactful is if the company sells more booze. So I’m already rolling up my sleeves.

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