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Truedialer App Now Has A Caller Availability Feature

Users of the Truedialer App are in for an exciting time, as Truecaller, a leading search technology company and owners of the Truedialer App recently, announced the release of a new caller availability feature that allows callers check the availability of the person they intend to call before dialling.

The new feature is designed to save users from having to remember to turn on the “Out of Office” and “Do Not Disturb”features on their smart phones, thereby removing the guessing game, saving precious time and reducing those annoying calls that happen at all the wrong times.Also with the new feature, the Truedialer App automatically syncs with the user’s diary and works reactively to his/her schedule, showing his/her contacts when the user is free or busy.When the user is free the status is highlighted in green, and in red while busy.

Speaking at the launch of the new feature, Allan Mamedi, CEO & co-founder of Truecallersaid, “It seems unusual that in a world where we can talk to each other over our phones, map our locations wherever we are with pinpoint accuracy and stream our current activity, that we still haven’t figured out when to let people know when we’re free to talk in real time. This is where Truedialer changes things”.

Truedialer’s integration with Truecaller enables the dialler to identify over 2 billion numbers, and gives callers instant access to relevant information about the people they are about to call, and can even complete missing contact information, keeping callers’ phonebooks as up to date as possible.

The Truedialer App is available for free on Android and Windows Phone while the Truecaller App is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Tizen and Nokia feature phones. Also the newly launched Truemessenger App is also available for free on Android, and is complementary to the Truecaller and Truedialer apps.

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