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Governor Obiano Visits Gulder Ultimate Search 11 Contestants’ Camp

The Executive Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano, on Friday, October 10, paid a surprise visit to the contestants of Gulder Ultimate Search 11. The governor was taken round specific areas of the Aguleri jungle by Chidi Mokeme, the Anchor man of Gulder Ultimate Search 11.

The governor saw the different task areas where the contestants engaged in various gruelling challenges. He was then taken to their base camp where he met the Gulder Ultimate Search 11 warriors.

The governor’s “Wee!” chant was met with an electrifying “Wah!” response from all Gulder Ultimate Search contestants. After taking a glimpse at their jungle abode, he sought to know if the contestants built their shelters themselves, and they confirmed that they did.

He also asked them how they coped when it rained and the contestants replied that they are accustomed to the sometimes harsh conditions of the jungle. He wished them well and pledged to be available to crown the Ultimate Champion on Saturday, November 1.

The governor was particularly fascinated by the Place Of The Talking Drum; where the Anchor sits to discuss various issues with the contestants.

He said: “I’ve just been taken round the jungle and I saw the living arrangements, what they have to pass through to be able to discover the treasure. It was a very exciting sight for me. It reminds me of my Boys Scout days. I even shared some chants that we used to do during my Boys Scout days with the contestants. But beyond that, the lesson from what Gulder is doing here is that it’s a strong brand and they are trying to bring strong people. And part of being able check you out whether you are strong or not is how you survive in the jungle. I understand they cook their food here, I saw the thatched houses which the contestants built themselves that they now live in, I saw the beautiful reception area, I saw the Place Of The Talking Drum, it is a beautiful place to behold.”

Chief Willie Obiano further stated that stated that being in the jungle reminded him of his days as a member of the Boys Scout. “I identify myself with the vision of Gulder Ultimate Search. For some of you that may be Boys Scouts or Girls Guide or Man O War, you will like what is happening here. I was a very active member of the Boys Scout, so I understand the jungle. I understand what is happening around here. I wish I was one of them, I really identify myself with what you are doing with the youths.” He said

The governor disclosed that passing through Gulder Ultimate Search would enable the contestants confront challenges. According to him “It is really going to give them a good sense of belonging and it will enable them appreciate challenges even more. Life is all about challenges.  And Gulder Ultimate Search is also about confronting challenges. These contestants left their beautiful environments to come to stay here in the jungle; in the midst of mosquitoes, animals, birds and so on. I think it’s quite interesting to be here because you will be very close to nature. Very early in the morning, you will hear the birds sing, you will hear the animals roar. It’s a beautiful place to be.”

Chief Obiano added that Anambra State government would consider implementing certain aspects of Gulder Ultimate Search as a youth development initiative. He stated: “I will see how I can borrow some ideas here and perhaps implement it for the Anambra Youths; once in a while, we might consider them to have a feel of the jungle. You will never know where you will find a jungle. So the more you learn about survival tricks, the better for you as an individual.”

When asked how Gulder Ultimate Search 11 fits into the pillars of his administration, Governor Obiano answered: “I will answer this question the way Gulder as a brand is positioned. It’s positioned to be a drink standing out among other drinks. And it’s positioned to be a drink for people that have strength. So that’s why the jungle is only testing the survival skills, what makes you tick. I saw both male and female contestants in the jungle; showing that the strength we talk about is not just for men. It is also for women. Because I believe both parties drink this ultimate drink called Gulder. So how does hosting Gulder Ultimate Search fall into the four pillars of my administration? It is part of trade and commerce that will come in here; it is part of hospitality business that we are talking about, it is also a part of youth empowerment, training and skills that we’ve been talking about. Because when the contestants leave here, they will not be the same again ever. This experience will take them through so many things in real life. Like if for any reason, you don’t have light, what should you do? Should you panic? These are already skills that are being taught at Gulder Ultimate Search. If they find themselves in any difficult situation, instead of raising their hands and panicking, they will remember what they did in the jungle, so that’s a great lesson. And more importantly Nigerian Breweries chose Aguleri; where the giants lived, a city known for strength and prowess in wars. So they made an Ultimate Choice in Aguleri, just like they are positioning the Ultimate drink they call Gulder.”

Gulder Ultimate Search 11 is currently airing everyday on African Magic World (DSTV), Real -Stars (Star Times), Minaj TV Obosi (Terrestrial), Ebony Life TV (DSTV), Galaxy TV (Lagos, Ibadan and Ondo), Hip TV (DSTV & GoTV), Nigezie (Star Times) and WapTV (Star Times) from 10pm to 11pm; and on the AIT Network (Terrestrial) from 10:30pm to 11:30pm.

The programme, which commenced on October 3, will end on October 30.

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