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Who Wins Gulder Ultimate Search Tomorrow?

By 11pm tomorrow when the final episode of this year’s edition of Gulder Ultimate Search, Africa’s longest running reality TV programme, would have aired, a new winner would have emerged. One of the four remaining contestants on the show would have found the great General’s Helmet thus bringing an end to a Mission for which over thousands of individuals registered to be a part of. Of the 14 contestants that were selected from over 40,000 applicants to enter the Aguleri jungle, only four remain. They are Otto Canon, a 25 year old undergraduate, Nne Cosy Joe, a 28 year graduate of Agric Science, Emmanuel Afolabi, a 29 year old undergraduate and 24 year old Chinedu Ubachukwu, also an undergraduate. For the millions of viewers of Gulder Ultimate Search 11, the anxiety and excitement over who is crowned the new ultimate champion is fever pitch. However, for the remaining contestants, the journey to the final stage of the show has been long and tortuous. They have progressed through several phases on this year’s edition; including the precision phase, the survivor phase and the innovation phase. They were also inducted into the Elite Squad of the great General’s Army. The remaining contestants are also not leaving anything to chance as they have been assessing their fellow contestants’ strengths and weaknesses ahead of an epic battle to locate the helmet. Chinedu said Otto is strong in solving riddles but weak in solving puzzles. Chinedu also pointed out that Emmanuel is not too good with puzzles. He further revealed that Cosy is better at solving puzzles and not very good with riddles. Emmanuel said he never expected he would be among the four finalists for Gulder Ultimate Search 11. He also confessed that he was not good with puzzles. Emmanuel however said he’s working on improving his puzzle solving skill. He said: “Over time, I’ve learnt to stay calm, paint a mental picture before I start working, and while I am working with my hands, my head is thinking ahead.” Emmanuel described Chinedu as a proud and arrogant person. He hinted that these attributes may lead to his downfall. Cosy corroborated Emmanuel’s claims. He said: “Chinedu is erratic and the type of confidence he has may also be suicidal.” Cosy assessed Emmanuel as a contestant who is good with riddles but not with puzzles. Cosy confessed that he can be easily beaten in riddles. He noted: “They can beat me in riddles. It’s always funny when someone uses his own knowledge to set a question for me and you expect me to get the answer.” Otto also confessed that he was not too good with solving puzzles. Otto’s fate of continuing in Gulder Ultimate Search 11 hangs in the balance as he failed Episode 25’s Code Box task. The winner of Gulder Ultimate Search 11 will drive home a brand new SUV in addition to the N10 million grand prize money. For the first time in three years, no female contestant will be part of the final search. Samantha Appi, who emerged as the Last Woman Standing was evicted in Episode 25 after failing the Infinity task. Her performance in the reality TV programme has been described as marvellous and even earned her respect from both her male and female contestants. Being the smallest of the seven female contestants did not deter her. After emerging the Last Woman Standing, Samatha said she felt very good, adding that she thoroughly enjoyed her stay as a contestant. Speaking on her achievements despite her small frame, Samatha noted: “It’s not really about my size but about my thinking capabilities. And most of the time, my size was my motivation. People thought I will not be able to do some things because they think I am fragile due to my small frame. But I look at myself and I tell myself, I know I can do this even though people think I can’t do it.” For the first time in the history of Gulder Ultimate Search, the Last Woman Standing will drive home a brand new Ford Eco sport. This is in addition to the amount that will accrue to her as the fifth placed contestant. Gulder has recorded another first as the beer brand will also give the contestant who emerges as the winner of the on-going Viewers’ Choice a brand new Ford Focus car. The final episode of Gulder Ultimate Search 11 will be broadcast on African Magic World (DSTV), Real -Stars (Star Times), Minaj TV Obosi (Terrestrial), Ebony Life TV (DSTV), Galaxy TV (Lagos, Ibadan and Ondo), Hip TV (DSTV & GoTV), Nigezie (Star Times) and WapTV (Star Times) from 10pm to 11pm; and on the AIT Network (Terrestrial) from 10:30pm to 11:30pm.

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